Sancaktepe Science and Experiment Center is a non-profit scientific centre prepared in partnership with Sancaktepe District Governorate and Sancaktepe Municipality and supported by İSTKA (Istanbul Development Agency).

Our aim is ;

To provide a contribution, through the method of learning by doing and experiencing, to the education of elemetary school students in raising them as individuals who are interested in science and technology, use knowledge, science and technology effectively, detect and interpret the interactions between themselves and the natural environment in the best way by evaluating the basic working mechanism of nature with the perspective of current scientific knowledge,

To establish a science experiment center for students studying at primary and secondary schools in Sancaktepe to stimulate their feelings of wonder by forming a stir against the scientific thought; to provide easy access to science, techniques, and applied training scheduled in the curriculum and learning by doing and experiencing by means of the materials used in daily life,

To ingratiate science to the students at the age of primary and secondary school and residing within the boundaries of Sancaktepe, arouse an excitement towards science and scientific thought, eliminate the fear-based prejudices against science and technology, establish a science and experiment center that will trigger feelings of curiosity,

Thanks to the Sancaktepe Science and Experiment Center;

-Students are expected to learn by doing and experiencing

-Teachers will also ensure the necessary sensivity for the establishment of the structure of production-oriented thinking and thus systematic development will be provided with applied experimental trainings,


1.      The establishment of the project team

2.      Tools, equipment and materials will be supplied to establish Sancaktepe Science and Experiment Center

3.      The establishment of Sancaktepe Science and Experiment Center Website

4.      To make the introductory meeting and announcement of the project

5.      The identification of the experimental materials that are able to be developed and produced by Sancaktepe Science and Experiment Center and not available in the Science and Technology Laboratories of Primary and Elementary Schools located in the district

6.      The establishment and procurement of an observatory and planetarium

7.      Giving Applied Experiments and Astronomy Education to Science and Technology and Classroom Teachers

8.      Planning and realization of 120 Science and Technology experiments and their applications which will be executed in our primary and secondary schools in the district during the 2012-2013 academic year

9.      To prepare and implement the visiting program of the observatory and planetariun for the primary and secondary schools in the district

10.  The educational activities of Sancaktepe Science and Experiment Center

11.  Fill out the experiment result forms under the control of teachers and ensure their publication by compiling them

12.  To publish the experiments, observations and annual reports visually on the website

13.  The evaluation of the project and writing of the final report

The Expected Results;

1.Science and Experiment Center, through which students studying in primary schools 4th class and elementary school 5th class can learn the Science and Technology lesson by doing and experiencing, was put into operation in Sancaktepe

2.At the beginning of 2012-2013 academic year, experimental education, which will be practiced during the teaching process of Science and Teachnology lessons, was given practically to primary schools 4th class and elementary school 5th class Science and Technology teachers

3.In primary and elementary schools located in Sancaktepe, 120 Science and Technology lessons were practically executed in Science-Experiment Mobile Vehicle

4.Equipments used in daily life and the experimental samples were given as visual material to primary schools 4th class and elementary school 5th class Science and Technology teachers

5. Primary schools 4th class and elementary school 5th class students and teachers were provided to visit the Science and experiment center and their contact were ensured by means of applied lessons performed in the mobile vehicle 

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