What is a Science Center?


Science and technology centers are experimental and practical centres designed to bring together people of all ages with different backgrounds with science, help them learn knowledge from its source and trigger curiosity in science. Science centers appeal to all the senses of people and offer the opportunity to learn by reading, listening and implementing, that is, by touching. The purpose of science centers is not giving all the information completely but to increase individuals’ interest in science and attract their attention. Briefly, these centers stimulate intuition through the senses and encourage creativity. Apart from its contribution to science, these centers exhibit the history and culture of  the geography they are located. It is a combination of art and science. Because presentation of scientific knowledge requires creativity and artistic point of view. Science centers open a horizon in the direction of approaching daily events with a scientific perspective. Thus, everyone can think creatively and develop creative thinking skills. These kind of centers contribute greatly especially to younger people’s being individuals who decide on their own and take responsibilities. Not only with their contents but also with their architectures, green areas and variety of usage purposes, science centers have the property of being the center of attraction. They provide visitors with a comfortable environment with their wide entrances, waiting rooms and high ceilings. Impressive open-air exhibitions meeting visitors just entering into the science center invite them to the mysterious world of science.






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